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PT. Karbindo Abesyapradhi, located in West Sumatra, Indonesia, produces high energy thermal coal for the domestic and international market place.

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Coal Deposit

TIANG-SATU is a single seam deposit. An average strip ratio of 15.0 Bcm of waste per metric tonne of coal is applicable for the Mine's life.
In Situ mineable reserves are:

Measured reserves 12.000.000 MT

Production Method

Open Pit Coal Mining, overburden removed by blasting, ripping/dozing, excavated by excavators then transported by trucks to waste dump.
Coal mined by excavators, then transported by trucks and crushed at the Processing Plant.
Transportation from mine stockpile to the Teluk Bayur Port by the trucks.

Coal production is being increased
1 to 2 Million tonnes per annum.

Products - Coal Stockpile

Coal Products

Typical Coal Quality KA 01 KA 02 KA 03 KA 04
Total Moisture (AR) 14 % 14 % 31 % 38 %
Inherent Moisture (ADB) 9 % 9 % 13 % 16 %
Ash Content (ADB) 10 % 11 % 6 % 5 %
Volatile Matter (ADB) 40 % 40 % 41 % 38-42 %
Fixed Carbon (ADB) (by diff.) (by diff.) (by diff.) (by diff.)
Total Sulphur (ADB) 1.0 % 2.3 % 0.5 % 0.3 %
Gross Calorific Value (ADB) 6,500 6,500 5,700 5,300
HGI 46 46 46 50
Size 0-50 mm 0-50 mm 0-50 mm 0-50 mm


The location of Karbindo coal mine site is called TIANG SATU. Tiang Satu is located 175 kilometres by existing road, east of the coastal city of Padang, with its service port of Teluk Bayur.

PT KA will also revive the upgrading of a 155 KM railway line to Teluk Bayur port, which will compliment the existing coal transportation by truck.

Karbindo coal mine site is called Tiang Satu located 175 km east of Padang , West Sumatera


Ship loading is being done at Teluk Bayur Port, at the west of Sumatera Island which the vessel or barge could go straight to India or Pakistan since the port is facing Indian ocean.

The coal transported to Teluk Bayur would be stocked up at our 17.000 m2 stockpile which could stock up to 80.000 MT coal before each shipment.

The maximum draft of the port is 9.8 m (high tide)

Where maximum cargo could be loaded is 40.000 MT

The coal can be loaded to the vessel at any one of the seven available wharfs by using geared vessel (crane and grab), by using conveyor belt owned by PTBA, or by using barge transshipment at the anchorage at the 8000 MT per day loading rate.

Ship Loading at Teluk Bayur port

Based on the history, the fastest time to finish loading around 38.500 MT to the handymax sized vessel was approximately 35 hours only by using geared (crane and grabs) vessel at the wharf, but since Teluk Bayur Port is a public port, where the passenger ship, container, cargo, and vessel are using this port everyday, we can guarantee 8000 MT per day loading rate due to the queue of the ship.

The fastest time to finish loading around 38.500 MT to the handymax sized vessel was approximately 35 hours

We can guarantee
8000 MT per day
loading rate due to the queue of the ship

Appenzell ship

We have a very vast experiences doing the export shipment of our coal.

We have exporting our coal to Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and China since 1992

Contact Us

Head Office

Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya 23
Jakarta Selatan - 12790

Phone : +62 21 7919 1238
Fax : +62 21 798 1010

Please email us at:

Mining Location

Sungai Tambangan - Kiliran Jao
Kecamatan Kamang Baru
Kabupaten Sawahlunto / Sijunjung
Sumatera Barat, Indonesia